About the project

“Turning social exclusion in inclusive growth”

is a multilateral youth exchange that will include 25 youngsters plus 5 leaders

coming from 5 different countries: Italy, Romania, Greece, France and Poland.

The project will be hosted in Sala Bolognese (near Bologna), in Northern central Italy and the youngsters will stay there for 10 days (excluding travelling days) from the 7th of June till the 18th of June 2012.

The main themes of the project are youth unemployment, inclusive growth and migration the main objective, as paraphrased in the title, is to fight social exclusion giving to youngsters with fewer opportunities the chance to play a major role in the inclusive growth of European Union.

The methods applied during the project will refer to the principles of non-formal and informal learning, such as:

  • workshops
  • practical laboratories
  • role games
  • cooperative activities

At the end of the stay, the youngsters will create a multimedia production, using the skills that they will develop during the exhange and sharing their experience by this way. They will contribute to fight youth unemployment, support inclusive growth and learn more about the European opportunities in this field.

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